Saint Vinci

Saint Vinci was originally born and raised in the Bronx NY, moving to Richmond VA, at the age of 13. Being mentored by NY battle rapper Head Ice, this is around the time he started writing rhymes. Unfortunately this is also around the time when the hustling lifestyle started calling his name. He recalls that he looked up to certain dealers "around the hood" and they influenced him more than his favorite artists at that time. Consequently, Prison is where Saint Vinci developed his writing abilities. The criminal underworld had its highs and lows, which is why Vinci's music is so relatable to dope-boys on all levels. He refers to it as "I got that Batch". It took a 6 year stint in a Federal Maximum security prison for Vinci to realize that "he had the wrong dream" as Diego said in one of his favorite movies, Blow. Saint Vinci came home in 2018 with a new focus and purpose. Gearing up to launch his Montega Playboy album, releasing the single "Looking for 30's (featuring Lil Baby) Generating upward half a million streams to date. As well as “Duck Sauce” (featuring Da Baby). which should be noted, was all acomplished while Vinci was still residing on federal house arrest due to his parole terms. Saint Vinci feels he deserves his shot as an indie artist. He reveals that he's a student of hip-hop music, when asked where the name derived from.. He says "a Big Pun line. "Don't speak my name I'm a Saint" Hence.. Saint Vinci "If you truly rock with me I could do no wrong."